Window C6 Lick Seal Banker

  • Length x width (mm): 114x162
  • Gusset Width:
  • Paper Thickness: 105gsm
  • Free Print Quantity: 50,000
  • :
  • Price per 1000: $70.00 (+GST)
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Ecocern brown envelope C6 window are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper made in Australia from local scrap collected from kerbside and industry, gray brown coloured with the amazing texture of fine paper. This Window C6 Lick Seal Banker envelope is the most sustainable C6 window brown envelope available. This ecocern brown envelope C6 window is often used by councils where a small envelope is required. Ecocern moist seal envelopes do not have a release rain forest paper peel seal strip and so are sustainable as well as being 100% post-consumer recycled. Only made frmo  brown paper only made from local paper scrap collected from households and industry.


Using Window C6 Lick Seal Banker envelopes, is a positive step for a better environment, as our forests are preserved and so our planet. These envelopes are part of a size range of office products produced by Ecocern. The recycled envelopes wholesale are in banker size measuring 114mm x 162mm that are used for: Gift Cards, A5 sheet folded in half, Wedding Invitations, Craft Card, Speciality Cards, Mail, Letters and Greeting Cards. Ecocern C6 recycled envelopes are the real recycled paper envelop made from the fruits of your paper recycling. White envelopes are not made from household paper scrap that is the bulk of all scrap paper collected as well as industrial paper scrap like used cartons. Ecocern recycled stationery products are the leading real 100% post-consumer recycled brown paper products in Australia and internationally. Ecocern brown envelopes are an ideal replacement for plastic invoice envelopes used for invoices and packing slips on cartons.


Window C6 envelopes are designed for statements, packing slips, council mail, office work, in a box of 400 usually. Ecocern also has brown office paper or copy paper available to match the range of envelopes at a competitive price. C6 envelopes are commonly used as a brown c6 cards envelope, the ideal accompliment for recycled paper greeting cards that are available pre-creased and printer ready from ecocern. Printed greeting cards available too to your design.


Ecocern brown recycled envelopes wholesale are available to all. Some ecologically responsible office supply companies sell Ecocern paper products too. Some other Templates available are; YOU3, DL, DLX, C5, C6, C4. Ecocern envelopes packaging and stationery wholesale are available to all with a base wholesale freight fee. Payment can be made by card when calling or  invoiced transfer buy email.These envelopes can be delivered to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Nationally and Internationally. Our Shop is at Lewisham NSW.

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