Paper Sack Brown Recycled Paper Australian Made & Owned

  • Length 565MM: Width 400MM
  • Gusset Width: 160mm
  • Paper Thickness: 150 GSM
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • Quantity per pack: 100
  • Price per 1000: $400.00 (+GST)
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Paper Sack Brown Recycled Paper Australian Made & Owned, are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. This Paper Sack Brown Recycled Paper is made from paper scrap collected by councils and paper scrap recyclers. This Ecocern brown paper sack is made in Australia and Ecocern is 100% Australian owned. Sacks are in packs of 100.

This large brown paper sack is single wall. If multi wall sacks are required they can be put inside each other strength. The paper used to make this kraft paper sack is thick 150 GSM   100% post-consumer recycled brown paper. If you require to buy wholesale paper bags, these sacks can be purchased direct from the sack manufacturer Ecocern Pty Ltd. Ecocern products are available wholesale to all with a minimum freight packing fee.


Ecocern manufacturers a wide range of kraft paper bags as well as the: Paper Sack Brown Recycled Paper Australian Made & Owned, including small gusseted paper bags to the large paper sack. Other ecocern brown paper bags are large flat paper bags down to a small seed paper bag. All Ecocern brown paper bags are only made from local 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Check the rest of this website for the other Ecocern sustainable paper products including brown copy paper and stationery.


Using kraft unrecycled brown paper is further adding to our climate change disaster which is starting to rapidly unfold. This brown kraft paper usually comes from rain forest some of which is illegally logged by large multinational wood chip paper companies who almost own all paper and stationery manufacturing in Australia.  This paper often has various certification logos on it that mean very little as often owned and controlled by these large wood chipping companies. A bit like the wolf in charge of the chicken house.


Using Australian made 100% post-consumer recycled unbleached brown paper demonstrates the sustainability of your organization  and so the quality of your product, largely differing from Chinese made products, usually packaged in rain forest wood chip paper with only one concern: short term profit. Brown paper recycled sacks available wholesale to all in packs of 100 with a base wholesale freight fee.

Be part of the solution mot part of our environmental problem.

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