• 450 X 310: MM
  • Gusset Width: 125
  • Paper Thickness: 105 GSM
  • Free Print Quantity: 10,000
  • Quantity per pack: 250
  • Price per 1000: $250.00 (+GST)
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Grocery bags brown paper recycled are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper in packs of 250. Real recycled paper bags and packaging are available from Ecocern in real recycled brown paper. Ideal for genuine organic grocery businesses. Ecocern brown paper bags are Australian made and Ecocern is Australian owned. Ecocern brown paper bags wholesale Australian made are available to all with a base wholesale freight fee delivered nationally. Post-consumer recycled bags are the real recycled, not pretend recycled thin paper bags with trick wording recycled claims. A smaller bread bag is available as well:  https://www.ecocern.com/product/bread-bag-long-3-bottle-bag/. Should a handle be required there is the medium carry bags: https://www.ecocern.com/product/medium-carry-bag-with-gussets/


The Ecocern grocery bag has a pinch bottom, but to form a box bottom; push the gussets down and out from the inside that will form a box bottom. Unfortunately there is no suitable machinery to make a real 100% post-consumer recycled pre formed box bottom in Australia however the pinch bottom bag works perfectly well.


Ecocern brown paper grocery bags are available wholesale to all with the base wholesale freight fee. These grocery bags brown paper recycled are available in packs of 250 bags. These brown paper bags a packaging products can be purchased by card by calling or by invoiced transfer. As well as the brown recycled paper grocery bag ecocern has large brown recycled paper thick paper sacks for larger products. Grocery bags brown recycled are in bundles of 250 brown recycled paper bags. To check if you actually have ecocern brown recycled paper bags you can see minute paper flecks of various coloured paper in the paper.


Using ecocern grocery bags brown recycled paper bags can only enhance your sustainable image particularly when ecocern brown recycled copy paper, envelopes and stationery are used. Ecocern has no attachment to any old growth forest wood chipper. Ecocern grocery bags brown paper recycled do not contain any new wood chip. All ecocern recycled brown paper products are only made from kerbside and industrial paper scrap collected by councils and scrap paper merchants. Ecocern brown recycled paper bags and packaging products ensures that the low grade paper scrap that is collected is not dumped. Just using recycled paper products does nothing for the recycling effort as most of the scrap collected is low grade paper scrap.  High grade white paper scrap scrap is in very short supply. When virgin paper is made the mill broke and slurry is recycled  which is the usual methodology since day 1. All Australian white paper is made by one paper company which is a multinational world heritage forest wood chipper. They own almost all paper brands in Australia and some unscrupulous, so called eco organisations sell this companies products under their brand name to evade various boycotts like the “Boycott Reflex” campaign. Ideal for genuine organic grocery shops. When pretend organic shops use thin pretend recycled brown bags, it begs the question:” Is the food really organic??’ If you choose ecocern brown recycled paper bags you are being part of our sustainability solution that can only demonstrate your genuine ecological concern.

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