A4 Recycled Brown Copy Paper

  • Length x width (mm): 297x210
  • Gusset Width:
  • Paper Thickness: 105gsm
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • Quantity per carton: 2500
  • Price per ream: $12.00 (+GST)
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Ecocern brown A4 recycled copy paper 105 GSM , 100% post-consumer recycled , is made from low grade Australian paper scrap collected from kerbside by local Councils and industry by recycled paper merchants. This eco brown A4 paper is off white gray brown in colour. Sold in reams of 500 sheets.. Brown paper A4 recycled and Ecocern A3 brown paper is the only real sustainable copy paper actually made from your paper scrap collected from households and industry. If this scrap is dumped, it will result in substantial methane release. Use real recycled brown gray copy paper, to both avoid unnecessary logging of our forests, that reduce Co2, minimize flooding and store water, as well as reduce methane release, that is another problematic greenhouse gas. If you buy eco brown A4 paper it shows that you are part of the solution, not part of the problem. All aspects of Ecocern and production have no association with any native forest wood chip company. Ecocern is Australian owned and all ecocern 100% post-consumer recycled paper products are Australian made. Be ware organizations supporting these multinational old growth forest wood chippers. All white copy paper made in Australia is made from native forest in the only mill in the Gippsland forest or what is left of it. This white paper is not made from the fruit of your domestic recycling efforts, despite false or misleading marketing campaigns. When considering buying eco brown A4 copy paper or your 100% recycled paper: your choice should be real recycled copy paper made only from 100% post-consumer recycled paper scrap, like the paper you put out for recycling. Just A4 recycled copy paper does not contain the domestic paper scrap you put out for recycling.


Eco brown A4 paper recycled also in A1 IPS, A1, A3,A4 US Legal, A4 and A5 available in stock at Ecocern. Any size can be cut. Available wholesale to all. Rolls and banner printer paper available too. Cardboard is also available in similar sizes.


This a good paper for use in an eco-friendly office with a genuine content of only post-consumer recycled paper. Made from local household and industrial paper scrap unbleached. This premier quality paper is used in: specialty stationery, ethical consumer products, visionary marketing products, books, brochures, cards, invitations, offices, publications and environmentally friendly paper goods. Envelopes, stationery and backing cardboard available too.


When you buy eco brown paper A4 recycled or recycled copy paper choose the maximum content of post-consumer paper scrap 100%. Less or recyclable (able to be recycled) or just recycled content does very little ecologically. Ecocern copy paper has many positive reviews and works well in office laser printers. This ethical gray brown copy paper is usually sold in cartons usually of 5 reams or more. We use second hand cartons so carton quantity doesn’t matter so this eco paper can be purchased as required wholesale to all with a base freight rate foor delivery next day east near and 2 days usually more remote.  A4 brown copy paper is also available in A3 and A1 IPS. Ecocern brown paper A4 recycled is available to all at wholesale brown paper prices with a base wholesale freight fee nationally and internationally. Ecocern A4 recycled brown paper is available from Sydney (Delivery next day) freighted to Melbourne, Brisbane, (Delivery next day)  Adelaide, Perth,       (Delivery 2 days) Darwin, Hobart, (Delivery 3 days) Canberra (Delivery next day) and nationally remote areas (Usually delivery 3 days).


This brown paper A4 recycled, brown copy paper helps reduce retinal toxicity, that damages the eyes, when exposed to narrow spectrum light reflecting from the paper. Brown Ecocern copy paper also helps with dyslexia that 20% of the population suffers from, to some degree. Using this paper reduces the uncomfortable glare experienced from bright white paper.


Unfortunately this paper is no longer available: due to recent legislation preventing it’s importation, leaving only one variety of white paper with the monopoly that is made in the only mill in the Gippsland forest. This paper is sold in disguise in different wrappers, often with false or trick wording recycled claims. This paper is not real 100% post-consumer recycled made from the fruit of our recycling efforts.

Ecocern also has available the best imported A3 and A4 white copy papers that are genuine 100% post-consumer recycled including  Steinbeis Trend 80 GSM from Germany 5 reams per case. The Steinbeis Trend paper is off white. All Australian white paper is made by Reflex that is owned by Nippon Daishou the worlds biggest native forest wood chipper who owns almost every retail brand of stationery. Buying their products or buying from a distributor of their products supports this environmentally destructive company. See SMH recycling is not what it seems. Reflex paper is often sold in disguise under so called sustainable marketing organizations brand names. Often products marketed through organizations supporting these old growth forest unethical wood chippers falsely sell paper products as recycled when they are not at all. Over 90% of so called recycled paper products on Google falsely claim to be 100% recycled. Using gray brown Ecocern copy paper is more sustainable as this copy paper is made locally from paper scrap collected from households and industry. If we don’t use this scrap paper it ends up in landfill causing extreme environmental problems releasing methane. Ecocern is Australian owned and has no connection with any native forest wood chip company.


Ecocern copy paper is available at ethical stationers and distributed wholesale and retail in: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, Nationally and Internationally. Be ware of numerous false or misleading claims such as: “100% Australian recycled paper” when the 100% refers to Australian. Further if the paper is cut from imported old growth rain forest paper that may have some minimal recycled content it still can be called Australian made. Almost every paper brand in Australia is owned by one multi national wood chipper.


Ecocern brown copy paper is available wholesale too all nationally and internationally. A base freight/handling fee applies.

When choosing brown paper remember if the paper is brown it is not necessarily recycled at all. Ecocern brown paper is a grey brown with micro flickers of colour from the paper scrap used to make this sustainable brown paper.


Ecocern brown or gray/brown papers print well in full colour on laser or bubble jet printers. Ecocern also offers colour laser printing on all papers, cardboard , envelopes and smaller flat bags. When printing be sure to use the correct GSM settings as if a low GSM setting is used the print may eventually rub off. This is because this real recycled paper is thicker requiring the fuser to be a bit more hot. Numerous sustainable magazines are using this paper currently. This A4 brown paper in fact works better than thin papers in high speed laser printers with no paper jams. If printing on a laser printer don’t forget to set on thicker paper if the machine does not automatically adjust.


Be part of the sustainable solution by using this real recycled paper with no association with native forest multinational wood chippers. The first step to being ecologically responsible.