A3 Recycled Brown Copy Paper

  • Length x width (mm): 420x297
  • Gusset Width:
  • Paper Thickness: 105gsm
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • Quantity per carton: 2,500
  • Price per ream: $25.00 (+GST)
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Ecocern A3 recycled brown copy paper is made in Australia from locally collected paper scrap and so is 100% post-consumer recycled gray copy paper. This brown paper is totally unbleached. Just using recycled content white copy paper does little for the recycling effort as high quality white paper scrap is in short supply and the content is often minimal. This Ecocern real recycled brown paper is used vastly in eco-friendly offices and has a genuine content of only post-consumer recycled paper collected by councils and scrap paper merchants. Ecocern premier quality gray copy paper is used in: speciality stationery, ethical consumer products, art drawing classes, ecological marketing products, books, brochures, cards, invitations, offices, placemats, menus and environmentally friendly paper goods. Ecocern brown copy paper works well in office printers as it is slightly thicker than white copy paper and so it is less likely to have paper jams. ecocern brown gray paper is available in A4 reams if 500 sheets A3 reams od 500 sheets and A1 IPS reams 650 x 910mm 200 sheets.


If you use ecocern brown paper products your patronage is helping to sustain the last remnants of native forests we have left and you will be minimising your carbon foot print.


When you purchase recycled copy paper you should choose the maximum content of post-consumer paper scrap, preferably 100% and consider where the paper scrap comes from. Using recyclable (able to be recycled) or just recycled content does very little ecologically. Ecocern copy paper has many positive reviews and works well in office laser printers. This brown paper is real 100% post-consumer recycled made from locally collected waste paper from households and industry. Just using recycled paper is not very sustainable as the content is usually not from the paper you put pot for recycling but paper that hasn’t even left the paper mill or is pre-consumer paper scrap. Office paper scrap is high quality paper scrap that is in short supply that is used to make white copy paper usually not in Australia as no pure post-consumer recycled paper is made locally, due the the white paper manufacturing monopoly we have here.  Ecocern copy paper is available at ethical stationers and distributed wholesale and retail in: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, Nationally and Internationally.


Ecocern offers colour laser printing on A5 to SRA3 paper, cardboard and envelopes CD to C4 size.


Ecocern is 100% Australian owned and the paper is Australian made from local paper scrap.

Buy ecocern brown paper, made from our local paper scrap and be part of the solution not part of the problem.