Recycled Paper Counter Roll

  • Widths (mm): 600-760-900
  • Gusset Width:
  • Paper Thickness: 105gsm
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • Length of roll: 200m
  • Price per roll from: $60.00 (+GST)
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Available in three sizes with the following pricing:

Size Width of roll Price per roll
Small 600mm $60.00
Medium 760mm $70.00
Large 900mm $80.00

Ecocern counter rolls are only made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper that is made from paper scrap collected from households and industry, which is reconstituted into paper again, without bleaching. Ecocern products are made only in Australia from local paper scrap with no new wood chip content at all. When purchasing paper rolls it should be considered that Kraft paper is usually not recycled at all, as just brown paper is usually made from old growth forest, much of which is illegally logged word heritage forest.

Ecocern rolls of paper are gray/brown in colour and thicker than brown kraft paper rolls. There are also rolls of gift wrap available from Ecocern. Ecocern counter rolls are used in eco offices, shops, panel beaters, as clothing pattern paper, industrial wrapping and packing, building construction, as paper table runners, for art and craft. Paper roll holders can be made with rope attached to the wall or efficiently for bulk wrapping: by placing the roll on a bench and rolling the roll of paper forward and back, then cutting the length required with a knife. Ecocern brown paper rolls are very suitable for masking paper for spray painters as well for use as painters paper drop cloth. Ecocern kraft paper is used as builders paper as it is thick and used as a kraft paper shield suitable for floor protection. Ecocern paper rolls are suitable for display paper rolls and poster paper rolls. As ecocern recycled paper rolls are thick it is suitable for protective wrapping paper. Custom sized rolls can be made to order.

In Australia we recycle a large quantity of paper but much of this is not used due to a popular misconception that recycled paper and kraft paper is made from the paper we put out for recycling. Only post-consumer recycled paper contains this paper scrap. Further misconceptions are in the words: “Recyclable”- Able to be recycled, “Recycle” – To Recycle in the future, “100% Australia Recycled”- 100% made in Australia but what % recycled?, “Recycled” + 1 % recycled, “Recycled Content”- +1% recycled. “100% recycled”- Made from paper that has been put through the mill again including paper slurry that is normally recycled in the manufacturer of virgin paper. Brown paper rolls are very often made from rain forest often world heritage. Because it is a, brown paper roll, it does not necessarily mean it contains recycled paper scrap.

When choosing your paper, don’t be deceived and use Ecocern ecologically sound enviro paper. Multinational companies have been caught lying about their paper being recycled most of who are cutting world heritage forest who are so big and powerful they control Governments. Ecocern also makes gray/brown copy paper that is suitable for all stationery requirements. Ecocern products can be delivered in Australia Nationally and Internationally and have been supplied for 3 deacdes.

Ecocern brown wrapping paper rolls are gray/brown in colour due to their 100% post-consumer recycled paper content. This should be remembered when choosing gift wrapping paper, which can also be used as brown kraft butchers paper when sold in reams of sheets sheets of recycled brown paper. Ecocern also sells printed gift wrap as well as plain brown paper. Ecocern paper rolls are available in large medium and small paper rolls ideal for wrapping paper. This brown wrapping paper is very suitable for sustainable organizations as it contains no new wood chip content at all.  Ecocern recycled paper rolls are the real sustainable and recycled paper counter roll. Ecocern brown paper counter roll can be used as table runners or table cloth. Pallet load discounts are available too. Ecocern  products  do not contain any new woof chip from our native forests only scrap paper pulp sourced from households and industries, as green as you can get. When buying eco green paper goods that are real recycled the most sustainable eco choice is Ecocern products that are also Australian made and Ecocern is Australian owned.

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