A5 Brown Paper Recycled 100% post-consumer recycled

  • 210MM: MM
  • Gusset Width: 148MM
  • Paper Thickness: 106GSM
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • :
  • Ream 500 sheets: $8.00 (+GST)
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Brown paper recycled A5 100% Post-consumer recycled. Made by Ecocern in Australia from only recycled paper scrap collected locally from households and industry. This real recycled brown paper fits small A5 clipboards often used in restaurant menus. A5 recycled brown paper is suitable for publications,menus and  flyers. this brown paper is suitable for all printers. Ecocern brown paper A5 is suitable for laser and bubble jet printer Using this brown recycled paper demonstrates the sustainability of your establishment and so your public image. Ecocern brown recycled paper is available in various sizes including A5, A4, A4 US legal or fools cap, A3 A1 and A1 IPS. This real recycled brown paper is used extensively for printing menus, place mats, magazies printed in colour, posters and numerous other purposes. Real recycled brown paper. Ecocern brown paper recycled A5 half A4 size is suitable for printers and copiers and usually runs better than thin white rain forest unsustainable paper. Ecocern paper is made from locally collected paper scrap.

Be ware of dark brown paper made in China from Asian rain forest often claimed to be recycled by unscrupulous marketers.

Kraft paper is usually not recycled but often marketed falsely as recycled.

Ecocern brand paper is only made from real 100% Post-consumer recycled paper all locally made and owned.

Ecocern brown paper is available to all wholesale direct and delivered nationally and internationally.