A4 cardboard

  • A4 297 x 210mm:
  • Gusset Width:
  • Paper Thickness: 320 / 230GSM
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • :
  • 200 sheet ream: $25 (+GST)
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Ecocern A4 Brown Cardboard 100% post-consumer recycled paper sheets are made from recycled local Australian scrap, collected from kerbside and industrial paper scrap, such as used cartons. This brown cardboard is greyish in colour, due to the scrap news print content. The  A4 Brown Cardboard 100% post-consumer recycled sheets are 320 or 230 GSM thick. “GSM” is Grams per Square Metre of paper fibre. These cardboard sheets are commonly used for greeting cards, home laser cut out cards, restaurant menus, folder dividers, craft and art.

Colour laser printing available on this A4 Brown cardboard 100% post-consumer recycled paper sheets as well as: cardboard, paper, envelopes, post cards and greeting cards.

This cardboard can be purchased wholesale direct from Ecocern or available from: independent ethical stationers, office supply, art and eco shops. These solid cardboard sheets are also used to make boxes and packaging  goods , with a home laser cutting machine, similar in price and size to a home printer. The sheets of this 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard can be printed on bubble jet and suitable laser printers that can print cardboard to make Greeting Cards and all sorts of artistic creations. When pastel colours are used they will darken due to the gray coloured background of the paper.

Ecocern and all parts of manufacture of this ethical cardboard are 100% Australian Owned. There is a whole range of Ecocern matching products such as: paper, stationery, bags and envelopes that may be suitable for your requirements. Ecocern is a wholesale cardboard and paper merchant and manufacturer. All paper and cardboard products are available, at wholesale paper prices to all, with a base freight and handling fee.

There is also recycled brown copy paper and kraft brown paper recycled. This copy paper is gray brown in colour 105 GSM the same as the solid cardboard 320 GSM. Ecocern products are available wholeasle to all. Base freight/handling fee applies. A5 flat C6 230GSM precisely creased greeting cards available. Ideal for laser printing your own greeting cards. C6 envelopes available top fit too. when choosing brown eco paper and cardboard it is more sustainable to use product made only from 100% post-consumer recycled scrap cardboard collected from households and industry.

Brown cardboard is not necessarily recycled at all however Ecocern A4 Brown cardboard 100% post-consumer recycled paper sheets, are real recycled, made from scrap paper collected locally by paper scrap merchants and councils. Ecocern recycled cardboard is available in stock in A4 reams of 500 sheets A3 reams of 500 sheets and A1 IPS 650 x 910mm sheets suitable for printers. ecocern presentation folders, photo folders, cd folders are all mmade from this brown grey cardboard. A6 folded greeting cards are made from 230 GSM cardboard suitable for home laser printers.

Laser printing available on Ecocern recycled paper products: Envelopes cardboard and papers to SR A3 size.

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