A4 Brown Paper Recycled US Legal / Foolscap Australian Made

  • A4 US LEGAL: 356 MM
  • Gusset Width: 216
  • Paper Thickness: 105gsm
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • Ream: 500
  • Ream 500 sheets: $25.00 (+GST)
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A4 Brown Paper Recycled US Legal / Foolscap Australian Made, brown paper is 100% post-consumer recycled A4 US legal. Cut in a longer length, suitable for clip boards. This brown paper can be printed in most office printers set to US legal. US legal brown paper 216 x 356 MM is similar in size to Fools Cap paper 216 x 343 MM. This A4 brown paper is very suitable for menu place mats that can be printed in house.  Ecocern brown paper is 100% post-consumer recycled brown paper made in Austrlia and Australian owned.

When buying ecologically sustainable paper it should be considered that just kraft brown paper is usually not recycled at all. Dark brown paper is also usually not recycled but often falsely sold as recycled bu unscrupulous organizations pretending their products are eco. When buying eco products this should be checked. Often these pretend recycled paper products are made from illegally logged rain forest further adding to our rapidly unfolding environmental disaster, set to take the lives of most of our planet.  Ecocern brand products are all made from only post-consumer recycled paper collected locally by councils and paper scrap merchants. Ecocern is the pioneer of real recycled paper products starting almost 40 years ago. Be ware of pretend recycled imitations.

Ecocern brown paper is sold in a large variety of sizes from A5 to A1 IPS 650 x 910mm commercial printers size paper. Ecocern brown paper table cloths and paper rolls are available too. Speciality sized paper can be cut as required in brown paper and cardboard. Using Ecocern brown paper demonstrates the ethics of your organization.

Be part of the solution not part of the problem by boycotting rain forest products and those organizations selling products manufactured by multinationals, including most of the common retail stationery brands, almost all owned by a multi national wood chip company. Brown is beautiful!

Ecocern products can be sold wholesale to all, including a base freight fee, nationally and internationally.

When you use A4 Brown Paper Recycled US Legal / Foolscap Australian Made, the sustainability of your establishment is recognized and so the quality of your produce and service as you are part of the solution not part of the problem.