A3 Recycled Paper Place Mats

  • Length x width (mm): 420x297
  • Gusset Width:
  • Paper Thickness: 105gsm
  • Free Print Quantity:
  • Colour: grey/brown
  • Price/500 sheet ream: $25.00 (+GST)
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Ecocern 100% post-consumer A3 recycled paper place mats demonstrate that your restaurant is sustainable and so the food is good quality and natural.  No need for disruptive blackboard menus, just alter and print the menu as required on your computer printer and so make your own personalized place mats. These A3 Recycled Paper Place Mats can be printed in a home A3 printers or used plain. The place mats are very suitable for drawing on or origami for those who are feeling creative.

A4 US Legal size brown paper is available for long clop boards. Also A4, A5, A1 IPS, A1 and any other size can be cut. Banner printer 600 mm wide counter rolls available as well as printed Australian native floral gift wrap in 760mm wide rolls.

Brown paper table cloth or runners are also available. All real recycled brown paper Australian made.

The advantages are: The customer can see the menu all the time and so order more. The menu can be changed immediately as dishes become unavailable or available, increasing efficiency and avoiding customer disappointment. A customer satisfaction/suggestion form can be printed on the back. The customer can take the menu with them and recommend dishes to friends thus increasing business. Good value for your 4c worth. This brown paper are also used for copy paper and invoices.

These brown gray paper placemats can replace coasters and regular placemats, with a green economical alternative, as they are absorbent, disposable and are recyclable as well as being recycled. Various designs can be printed on the place mats including items of entertainment such as cross word puzzles that can promote the business, even photos. These table topper place mats are popular with world renowned award winning restaurants, some 5 star. These real 100% post-consumer recycled paper Australian made place mats, should not be confused with the dark brown non recycled paper place mats that are made in China, often from world heritage forest wood chip.

These, brown paper recycled paper placemats, can be purchased in bulk or retail in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth Darwin, New Zealand, Internationally and are currently used in UK, Europe ,USA exported from Australia. Available to all wholesale. Also available at our warehouse for pick up.

Using Ecocern recycled paper demonstrates the sustainability of your establishment and so the quality of your produce.

Laser printing available on envelopes paper and cardboard to SR A3 size.

Be part of the solution not part of the problem.

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